40 hours of training possible?

UPDATE: New Polar watch incoming: Polar Grit X

Polar is announcing something new for end of April. Most likely the Polar Grit X.

Polar has been releasing some new watches in the the last years. First the Vantage V and M, last year the Ignite and new they are teasing the internet with something new. On their website appears a new product category:a red X.

Also they started new ads in the social networks:

Polar Facebook ad
Polar Facebook ad

Plus they added an annoucement today for a facebook event on April, 22nd:

Polar Facebook event
Polar Facebook event

But what can we expect?

There is a trademark registration for Polar for a “Polar Grit X” from last November.
Also the german blog Sportuhrenguru.net posted a screenshot of the Polar website.
Here the Grit X is offered for 429,90€.
The listed features are:

  • “Detailed uphill & downhill stats with HillSplitter ™” Could be something like Garmin’s ClimbPro
  • “Route planning with Komoot” A Komoot connectability
  • “FuelWise™ smart fueling assistant” Some food intake assistance=
  • “Nightly Recharge™ recover measurement” This is known from the Ignite, but might have been improved?

On imgur the following photos have been posted anonymously:

Possible photos of the Polar Grit X (© imgur)
Possible photos of the Polar Grit X (© imgur)

The trademark registration speaks of “MP3 and other digital format audio players”. So maybe the Grit X has storage for your music and can play it or at least control your phone or MP3 player.

The Polar website displays “40:00:00”, which could indicate that the Grit X will be able to store sessions of 40 hours.Nope, it’s the countdown for the presentation. (Ok, back to 40 hours battery. See update below)

40 hours of training possible?
40 hours of training possible?

So many hints are indicating that the Grit X will be a robust outdoor watch. The features might move it more to Garmin’s Fenix and does not focus on professional or ambitioned runners / triathletes (But most likely will offers features from the Vantage)
A price of 430€ would be less than for the Vantage V, but it would offer new features.

UPDATE April, 21th

Polar added a video on Youtube for the new Grit X. Here are some screenshots:

Polar Grit X
Polar Grit X (© Polar)

Polar Grit X (©  Polar)
Polar Grit X (© Polar)

Polar Grit X (©  Polar)
Polar Grit X (© Polar)

So, there is a Google cache copy of a page from “Journal du Trail”. It shows more pictures of the watch.

Also, someone saved a copy of Polar’s website with details of the Grit X.

The specs (if they are correct) are:

  • A measurement of 47x47x13mm with a weight of 64g with wristband.
  • Always-on color display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels.
  • A battery life time of 7 days in watch mode and 40 hours in GPS with optical HR mode.
  • 2-day weather forecast
  • GPS, Globass, A-GPS, Bluetooth low engery
  • Casing tested against MIL-STD-810G.

What do you think? A huge step for Polar? Which features would you like to have? Let me know in the comments.

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