Polar Vantage: State of issues and missing features

I am keeping track of the development of the issues and missing features of the Polar Vantage V and Vantage V.

Polar’s latest sport watches, the Polar Vantage V (*) and Polar Vantage M (*) are no doubt a huge leap ahead for the finnish company. With a lot of new features and technologies plus a hardware and software platform capable of even more functionalities in the future they are truly the foundation for the future of Polar.

Unfortunately Polar seems to have released the Vantages too early. There are a lot of broken functionalities and features missing. Some of them being available on other Polar watches. Polar is aware of these points and is working on it. So expect every software update to bring more stability, better result analytics and more functionalities to your watch (Our to the watch you might want to buy).

I have compiled a table with known issues and missing features. I am trying to keep it up-to-date so you have an overview about the current situation of the functions and features:

Cannot sync with Polar ScaleIssueNeither the Vantage V or Vantage M does sync with the Polar scaleNo 
Sleep tracking does not workIssueSome users are reporting that their Vantage does not record any sleep in most cases. The information screen on Polar Flow ist just blankNo 
Race paceMissing featureA feature, which allows the user to set a certain pace and get a virtual race partner displayed, is missing. This was available e.g. on the V800No 

Is something missing or are any points not up-to-date? Just let me known in the comments!

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