Vantage: Polar is teasing us again

Polar is (slowly) moving towards releasing more information about the new Vantage watches.

Polar has finally activated their new website But instead of new information, images and buy buttons, we get a redirect to Polar’s website.

There is a subpage for the Vantage though:
It announces that “the wait is almost over”:

Polar Vantage - The wait is almost over © Polar
Polar Vantage – The wait is almost over © Polar

It also allows you to subscribe to a newsletter, which keep you updated with “exclusive” hints and news. Hopefully it will provide us with a password, as there is a textfield requiring a code to unlock a peek:
Unlock a peek © Polar
Unlock a peek © Polar

But currently nobody has the code.

Not directly from Polar but from the various social networks comes a video supposedly from Polar show the silhouette of two watches. The video was available here, but the access has been restricted. This is a screen from that video:

Polar Vantage Teaser Video © Polar
Polar Vantage Teaser Video © Polar

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