Polar Vantage Teaser Video © Polar

Polar Vantage: Thursday is the big day?

Looks like we are going to get something official about a Polar Vantage presentation from Polar.

As some rumors indicated, September is the big month for all Polar fans. We are going to get something official from Polar.
As more and more teaser are released, the posts indicating next Thursday (13th September) as the big announcement day are increasing.
The famous sport blogger dcrainmaker wrote on Facebook that on Thursday his schedule is blocked for “Something else” (quote). Also Polar itself created a Facebook event for the german site for Thursday 11:25 am (german time). This post has been deleted, but it is strongly indicating that the new watches are getting presented.
We will see in a few days.

No matter when the presentation will be held, I really hope that both watches are living up to the hype that Polar is fueling too. With better optical HRM and running power, I doubt the watches will compete with other vendors for the next 4 years.

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