Polar Vantage V: More information about the V800 successor

More and more information about the Polar Vantage V are leaking into the internet. We gathered everything we know so far.

There was a lot going on about Polar’s new watch.
The domain polarvantage.com is available now. It shows a parking page currently, but that could change every day.

Other information are coming from insiders or people with good connections to re-sellers.

The two watches Vantage V and Vantage M are confirmed. Additionally both watches might get 2 sizes each (Similar to the Garmin Fenix 5 and Fenix 5s). Every combination will be available in black and white with the Vantage V getting a special edition in orange.

Besides the chest strap HRM, the new watches will get what Polar calls Polar Precision Prime: An optical wristbased HRM, being more precise than anything else on the market. This seems to be achieved by using red LEDs instead of green one. Also the measurement works via skin contact.

The next big thing is running power. The watch is reported to measure these metrics without a foot pod. Currently you need expensive pods for this.

The battery life time is reported to last 30 hours. But there are no information, if this is with full GPS or with the watch lying used on the table.

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