Polar V800 successor: First information

Polar’s current high end model is already 4 years old. Time for something new. Time for a V800 successor. The first information and rumors are leaking.

While Garmin release a new Fenix watch almost every year, Polar has been very quite about a new watch replacing the V800. They had a face lift, changing the silver metal side to black and solving some hardware issue. But after all this time, we customer can expect something new.

Rumors are that the V800 successor will have a round watchface instead of the square one of the V800 or other Polar watches.
Also the successor might be a successsor in terms of a new high end modell. But the new watch will define an entire new product line.
This fits to the rumor, that the new watch will not be named V900 or similar, but will be called Vantage V. Also a “little brother” the Polar Vantage M will be available. Both names are a homage to the Polar Vantage XL, a milestone in the history of Polar.
The rumors are supported by the fact, that Polar has reserved the trademark “Polar Vantage” recently.
Additionally the internet site polarvantage.com has been reserved by a finnish reseller.

The watch might be release in the next months. Maybe at the Berlin marathon on September, 16th.

The price will be at about 500€ with chest strap HRM.

Conclusion: As top model and with a price tag of 500 euros, the Vantage V might be over the top for us average athletes. But I am very excited about the new watch and happy to learn more about it.

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